Why Canada Is The Better Solution To Trump's H1B Visa Ban

Trump's travel visa ban cuts off a critical source of international talent for tech companies already dealing with talent shortages. Canada presents a better option for growing an engineering team.

PROBLEM: Pipeline of international candidates eliminated until 2021
SOLUTION: Canada’s international candidate stream prioritized by fast tracking work visa applications

The Wall Street Journal received estimates indicating about 525,000 people will not be able to enter the US as a result of the expanded travel restrictions. The ban is expected to end January 1, 2021, however modifications and extensions are a possibility.

As the US continues to build barriers over the last few years, Canada has been breaking them down. Introduced in 2017, Canada’s Global Talent Stream program works to fast track work visa applications for eligible foreign workers with skills required by Canadian employers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). With this program, a work visa can be obtained in as little as 10 business days, allowing employers quick access to critical, highly skilled labour.

The ability to compete in industries that have both strategic and financial significance as engines of economic growth is important to Canada. It’s welcoming nature to foreign talent and lower salaries, made more attractive due to the current exchange rate has significantly contributed to the rapid growth of its tech sector.

PROBLEM: Employees and their families separated
SOLUTION: Transferring personnel to Canada

There are many H1-B visa holders that are now facing separation from spouses and/or children. H-4 visa holders that did not have a valid visa stamped on their passports as of June 24 are not allowed to re-enter the country until year end. Family members that have traveled back home during the pandemic are being separated for a minimum of six months.

Canada presents an alternative option to waiting out the uncertainty of their families' future if returning home is not an option. Setting up a Canadian corporation allows companies to choose from several options to transfer their senior personnel with little red tape. 

PROBLEM: Increased uncertainty in already unprecedented times
SOLUTION: Peace of mind with Canada’s track record of prioritizing international talent

To say that the state of US immigration policies is unstable may be an understatement. Canada’s track record in recent years demonstrates its deep commitment to a continuous flow of international talent.

Since COVID-19, the federal government has worked hard to keep its Global Talent Stream program open, and streamlined it further, to counter slower immigration into Canada due to the pandemic.

With everything happening in the world and more uncertainty than ever before, a little peace of mind on this matter for the foreseeable future can go a long way.

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